Night Sky Jar.. oy vey

Pink color kids desk and chair against a blank wall


Crafting Prep for Girl Scouts Tomorrow

Guess how long it takes to cut up 10 little tin inserts? I’ll tell ya…

Longer than you would think! It wasn’t the cutting part that was the problem, oh no, it was the razor sharp edges! J was kind enough to do all the cutting for me, which only took about 10 minutes tops but fixing those edges? That was all on me. I must have used 9 miles of tape to protect tiny fingers on those sharp edges.

I should have, or would have, or could have taken a few action shots of the progress along the way but I was concentrating on not losing a finger.  I will certainly post some shots tomorrow while the girls create the actual jars.

Psssst. The test jar DID look fabulous though and totally worth all the effort to create.  The girls should be more than happy!


Slowing Down is working.

Project slow down and smell the roses is already making a noticeable effect on my mood and stress levels. I’ve been limiting screen time around E and Little J and also for myself. I even went to the book store today to get “real” books. My goodness I love real books. They smell like heaven! Yes, I can read on my phone or Kindle but I figured I can get the real thing so when the girls look up at me, the see me reading a book, not looking at a screen.

I also couldn’t resist another silly adult coloring book. I feel a bit silly buying those when I could technically draw the pictures with ease but sometimes it’s just fun to color. 🙂 As a bonus the girls -really- love the books too! I don’t think they will go back to “baby” ones.

The one I picked up today is a sugar skull one! E loves sugar skulls and she was thrilled to see that I brought it home.


But I have to say the highlight of my day today was my girls, snuggled around me watching our evening “nature show” before bed. Both of those little suckers cuddled up close and passed right out. I finished the last half of the show listening to their little snores. So precious. 🙂 So yeah, slowing down man, give it a try!