Free Range Spoons


Have you ever looked away for just one moment and when you looked back you suddenly had four spoons chilling out at your coffee machine?

No? Never? Just me?

Life can be very much like those spoons. Try as you might to tame them, keep them put away tidily in their drawer, somehow life…err silverware finds a way.

In short, you can never have enough spoons.

Enjoy the spoons.



Fitness news? I’m loving my new bike. This thing is a dream. I had an opportunity earlier this week to ride during my “kids are at school quiet time” and it was blissful. Well, blissful as it could be with my thighs on fire. Ever watch Naked and Afraid? I wouldn’t need a fire starting kit. I know for 100% certain that if I rub my thighs together fast enough I could start a fire in a rain forest.

Diet wise, I’ve been doing pretty good. (Except when I don’t go to Trader Joes and buy cookies. Damn you Trader Joes, DAMN YOU!!!) And oh there was the cupcakes I baked this week. I blame those entirely on Pinterest and those o’so crafty moms out there who make the rest of us look like lazy assholes.  (I’m kidding, I love you. Keep on keeping on. What else would I browse all day after all?)

Here is a pic of said cupcakes in all their glory.

The secret of these delicious piña colada, melt in your mouth, little bastards besides Betty Crocker is pineapple juice in the mix instead of water and a couple pieces of real pineapple in the bottom of your cupcake cups. Super delicious, but not Pinterest ready until I put those fancy little sugared pearls on top. /nod.

Anywhos- tomorrow is Sunday which is YOGA day when I’m magically transformed into a mystical Yogi.  I unfurl my mat and downward dog my way into a state of righteous Nirvana.  Obviously this has become my favorite day of the week.

Namaste bitches.




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