Yogan’t do that!


Yesterday was my first day of yoga.

Today I feel muscles that I never knew I even had.  Can you dislocate an ass cheek? I think I’ve dislocated my right ass cheek.

Pushing through the pain, I braved the mat again about 3 hours ago and Little J was my partner. Pretty cute watching a 4 year old do a “happy cow.” We went from cat to cow, cow to cat, and instead of inhale, exhale, we went “Meeeoooowwwww! – Mooooooo!” Maybe I should bring her to my next class.  Speaking of the class, luckily my friend N was there so I didn’t have to embarrass myself alone.  She looked like a graceful swan, I looked like the pudgy puggy.


After my yoga rematch today, Little J and I went outside to try and soak up what little “nice” weather we have this week. It was 58 with a brisk wind but not too bad. We rode our bikes all over the place, honestly over 1 mile around, and around, up and down the little paved trails here. Then we put our bikes back up and walked the loop around our house and stopped and played at each park.

Pretty sure I got a good step count in today.

Now it’s time to go grab E and head to Tae Kwon Do!



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