A Wreath in Time

20140820_100658-1A few weeks ago I started a little side project to help use up some of that extra yarn I had laying around.  Wanting something for the front door, I searched out a few ideas and came up with this, a lovely, extremely colorful wreath for the fall season.

It is really simple to make. All you need is:

1. A dollar store pool noodle

2. Some tape

3. Scrap yarn the scratchier the better. (Cheap acrylic works best as its stiffness helps the flowers hold shape.)

The first thing you will want to do is take your pool noodle, bend it into a circular shape and then using duct tape or any other type of strong tape, tape the two ends together to hold the circle.  Measure your noodle and see how long it is, both length and circumference. 

Second step, knit a scarf for your noodle.  Go wild or simple. I decided to go wild. 🙂 You can do alternating stripes or a solid color, you could make granny squares, you could do any sort of pattern you’d like. I just added a few rows of puff stitch and ruffles to change up between the usual sc and hdc.

Third step, stretch your noodle scarf over your noodle. To secure it in the back, take a plastic yarn needle and sew both sides together where they meet in the middle. If you don’t have a yarn needle handy you can use your crochet hook and do a simple slipstich row around to connect the two sides.


Fourth step,  go crazy making flowers and leaves. For my wreath I followed a few youtube videos, followed a few books that I have with flower patterns in it, and by the end of it, I was just making up some flowers. There were a lot of flowers. They are fun to make so you can keep going, and going…and going.


Fifth step, attach those flowers and leaves. Again a plastic yarn needle comes in handy here but

you can use a crochet hook of course. 🙂

Last step? Hang that sucker up and ENJOY IT.

20140821_074044 20140821_074053


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