Busted out ol’Bessy (the sewing machine)



For the first time since we moved, I finally was able to take out the sewing machine. Felt so good putting my foot back on the little peddle.  Even little J got in on the fun. She had me help her thread up a small childs plastic needle and prepunched holes clutch purse pattern she had. She happily sewed next to me while I set up my machine. I think I’m going to order her a childs machine pretty soon. She’s so into it! It’s adorable!

To get my ears wet, my first project was a small tutu for little J’s dance class. I did not take a photo of hat today. I’ll have to another time.  Then I moved onto reusable fabric snack bags for both girls lunch boxes. (Thanks Pinterest.) I really need to stop Pinning all night. It keeps my mind churning with silly ideas that I feel compelled to act upon.


Anywhos – the bags turned out cute and the girls are already fighting over who gets what bag. I have about 5 more zippers for more bags so there will be plenty to go around. Hopefully we can stop being so wasteful with plastic goods. We create way too much trash in this household. (NO. I am not washing and reusing plastic baggies. Nor am I going to save wax paper from Saltine packs to use  in cooking.  Might as well use tinfoil from chewing gum wrappers. No. Just no!)

Here is a pic of the cute little baggies. You don’t really need instructions to make these.  Take a rectangle of fabric and fold it in half,  right side facing right side.  Fold the top over on each side and sew one hem. Sew down one side of the folded square. Attach the zipper to one side (make sure the zipper slider thing attaches on the one side sewn side first.)  Then attach the zipper to the other side. Then close the other side of the square. Turn rightside out and WA-LA! Cute little baggies!




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