Girl Scout Leader Sheri



Yes I have officially lost my mind and entered a new chapter in my life.  Apparently I am now a Girl Scout Daisy Leader of a kindergarten troop! Of course E and her bestie E are in the group and starting in August J will be able to join.  It’s pretty scary and exciting but N volunteered to be a leader with me.  This makes me feel so much more confident and happy!



We are splitting a large troop that E and E have been in now for a little over a month. The troop is comprised of about half kinders and half 1st graders that are bridging over to Brownies after summer vacation.  Since we had around 20 kids a meeting it was quiet hectic. Think “herding cats!”  Everyone is excited to separate the kids by age so that all the children get a chance to fully explore the Girl Scouts at their own pace and more individual attention.  The troop doesn’t officially split until April. Can’t wait!

I’ll keep you all updated.






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