Let’s go for a ride!


2016, a new year, a new beginning and the start of leaving all the yucky physical and mental pangs of my middle-age-dom behind.  I’m starting to accept the fact that I’m 37 and that is OK! I’m here! I’m still alive! Which obviously beats the alternative.

Last year going through all the crap that entailed fighting cancer, stressful job situations, stressful home building issues, introducing my children to new schools and all that jazz it sure is nice to see the new year blooming before me.

Building and moving our new home was very stressful but one of the best decisions of my life.  It is my dream home and I’m happy to be able to share it with 3 wonderful people.  (Big J, E and Little J.) We literally can see our children’s school from our front porch. Tell me it doesn’t get any better than that! Starting next year Little J. will be attending Kindergarten. Both my little girls will be in one school house! If you are a mom who commutes all over creation each day, you understand why I’m so excited about that!


A new me… I had the brilliant idea that a great way to get in-shape and healthy would be to start biking as a family. Not only would it help myself lose some of these unwanted dangerous pounds, it would help my children stay fit from the start.  Keeping these girls fit from childhood prevents them from having to climb this uphill battle to lose weight and get in-shape as an adult.  So on a warm winters day (70degrees ya’ll!) I pulled out my bike from the garage. The thing was dusty and heavy! I was quickly reminded of the reason why that thing was in the garage unused.  Let’s just say, just because a bike is pretty, doesn’t mean it’s worth a damn. I bought it at “Satan’s Armpit,” aka: Wal…M- oh store that shall not be named, about 3 years ago. Shortly after that, I broke my foot, and it went buried and forgotten until we moved in here at the new house.  Cue my bright idea a few days ago, to grab that baby out and give her a spin.

I spun alright, right down on my ass.

The bike was just too big, too heavy for me to control. It had some serious issues with steering. A friend of mine let me ride her bike and it felt so much better I decided to sell my awful Wal…mugh bike.  I did sell it, the very next day. I kinda feel bad for the guy who bought it but he was much taller than me so maybe can handle her where I couldn’t. 🙂

That leads us to yesterday. I ventured out into the freezing rain because of course, that beautiful tease of spring disappeared faster than a size XL dress on a clearance rack at Target. I nervously went downtown to a LBS or a “local bike store” (Oh yeah, I’m picking up the biker lingo..cough) and like a cat in a roomful of rottweilers, I crept through the door.  Surprisingly it wasn’t bad at all! The dude inside was very nice and patient with me even though I’m pretty sure he thought I was a total dork.  He took time with me, explained how different bikes work, the gears, different features, and let me “try on” different bikes.  Did you know you can even do that?! I sure didn’t.  Turns out I needed a small frame bike which explains why that giant other bike wasn’t going to work out at all.

So credit card on fire, I loaded the bike into the back of my swagger wagon and headed home.  I carefully put “Betsy” in the garage and mournfully shut the door because it was pouring freezing rain.

The first thing on my mind this morning was riding her. I got up, bathed the kids, got them ready for school, put on my cute little work out/bike riding attire and realized.. “OH SHIT! I have a presentation at Little J’s school on Chinese New Year!” –

So back up the stairs I flew and got into “normal” clothes.

By the time I got back home, I had to finish work, clean up, you know the typical “mom” things. Finally I carved out 20mins to go take her for a proper test ride. Oh my goodness, it was riding a silk ribbon. I’ve never even ridden anything like it. Smooth, quiet and fast like the wind powering a thunderstorm.  And then I almost busted my ass again because it’s been like 20 years since I’ve really ridden a bike.  Promptly I rode down to an empty parking lot and did figure 8’s for 15 of the 20 mins. I feel a little more confident now but I need much more practice!  And more stamina. I almost died peddling back up to the house. The hills weren’t very steep but goodness, they are long and by the time I got to the top my legs were jello and my lungs were on fire. Doesn’t help it was only 37 degrees out!

Anywhos my goal is to ride a little bit every single day and spend more outside time with my family. We all need a breath of fresh air. 🙂

Thanks for reading!





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