The value of friendship.


We have become that household. The household with the revolving door for neighbors. Introverts like my husband and I never anticipated being “that neighbor” but I can tell you it’s pretty wonderful.

The sound of little girl squeals and karaoke of the Frozen soundtrack for the 90th million time fill the house in between periods of children begging for more snacks.  Then there may be an hour long play session of Shopkins, or Bakugans. Before finally I get them calmed down into coloring or another quiet activity… Ok you got me, there are only categories of little girl storms in this house, there isn’t an actual calm period.  But sometimes I’m able to get them down to a cat 1 and do some group art activity with them.

The best days are when random friends shop up as well and add to the happy chaos. The weather right now is rather prohibitive but on nice days, it’s not too surprising to have another guest or two to add to the mix.  Then we have 3-7 girls running around! On those days, I keep them outside in the event I need to hose them off.




Yogi Friends Rock too!




Putting yourself out there can suck. Putting yourself out there in a room full of other people in skintight yoga clothes can really suck. Having a friend who just happens to be the mother of your children’s best friend is pretty amazing.

Tonight was lesson two of introduction to pain in muscles you didn’t even know you had or wanted to know you had. There was much planking and when you thought planking was over? Nope more planking.

Then the horrific moment when the Yogi told us to stand, gather around in a big circle and…and…press your palm to your neighbors palm. Ewww! I had to touch a stranger! Come on lady! Haven’t you ever heard the phrase “Stranger danger!” Engage sweaty palms and shaky poses as 15 adults awkwardly depended on each other for 10 minutes. Thank goodness my friend was there to ahem “lean on.”

The highlight of my night? The “happy baby pose.”

Take a look at this photo:


There is nothing happy about that baby.  Hell, even my babies weren’t able to be that “happy” during a diaper change. Yogi lady, are you nuts?  Nothing says “Is my crotch seriously pointed up at the ceiling in a room full of strangers?” than “happy baby” pose.

My friend turned to me and says “Ya know this is more like “childbirth pose” than happy baby.”  I literally cracked up and of course it could be “make the baby” pose too! LOL

So dear Yogi, WTF lady, WTF.

Did I mention I love Yoga?  My back really does feel better, I do feel stronger and man’o’man are my abs going to be sore tomorrow, but I can see how it can be addictive.
Can’t wait until next week!





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