The Humming Bird Dress

What a fun little dress to sew.
You can find the pattern here:

The creator has a facebook presence as well.

The creator is a very friendly lady and is quick to help with questions.

I would rate this a beginner/intermediate pattern for people to follow. The instructions are well written but there is one part that is a little difficult so I suggest the following change.

When the pattern calls for you to insert the elastic, wait! Adding the elastic at that point will cause you some difficulty when you attach the skirt to the back of the bodice. My suggestion is to attach the skirt first, leaving the ends open on your elastic tube. Then once the skirt is attached to the bodice, front and back, run the elastic through the casing and attach.

Although I did not take any progress shots, here are the finished dresses that I have made so far with this pattern!



hummingbird Tardisdress1 Tardisdress2


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