Dead Cat

If you’re like me, you’ve always wanted a dead cat or fox like critter draped across your neck in the cold winter months. Right? Right….?

Ok I’m kidding. It’s not a dead cat or fox, but it is an ADORABLE little critter none the less to grace your wardrobe this fall.

I would rank this a beginner level crochet project. You can work this up in a few nights just enjoying your favorite TV programs.  Color pallet is totally up to your imagination. I had intended to do the legs in the same color as the body but alas, I ran out of yarn.  Aqua cat became Aqua Tuxedo cat. Which hey, might be appropriate after all since he’s kinda like a neck tie!

You can find the pattern here:

It really worked up nicely and quickly. I made a few modifications as I went, for example mine is shorter over all than what the pattern calls for and I constructed the face a bit differently. You get the point, you can totally make this your own!




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